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•Saturday, June 05, 2010
We officially dated April 28. I enjoyed going out on dates with Carl. Talking is one of our favorite things to do on dates. We learned many things about each other and found out that we both value similar things. I have seen his dedication and sincerity in many ways. That includes making a more than three hour trip to Baltimore to see and spend some time with me on weekends. I drove down to his place a number of times as well. He had me use his own car when I wrecked and lost my first car. He said that he could get around using public transportation. (Amazingly enough, the fastest way for him to get to work involved three buses and one train, but only took an hour.) This man knows how to take care of a woman, I thought. He made me feel special in many ways.

On Memorial day of 2009, we flew to see his family in Illinois. It was a great visit. They were all wonderful people. He has an awesome parents and I enjoyed my visit with them. We got engaged on June.

Deciding to marry was not easy at all. It is life changing with eternal consequences. Marrying was somewhat scary. I read about twenty-seven articles about dating, marriage, and family, watched a number of broadcasts, did a lot of thinking and praying, and visited the temple before making the decision. I remember asking the Lord to let me know if marrying Carl is the right thing to do. After many days of waiting without an answer, I knew I had to make my own decision and yes, I did want to marry him. My prayer changed. I said that I want and will marry Carl Sorenson and asked the Lord to let me know if that is not the right thing to do. I woke up at three o'clock in the morning after that prayer with a sweet confirmation that my decision was right and that feeling got stronger when I saw him later that day.

During the fireworks finale at the Mall in DC, at the July 4th celebration, Carl reached for my hand and put the ring on my finger. I didn't see that coming—it was a surprise. Earlier that day, we went to see the museums and I invited my best friend and Lilian to come and join us watch the fireworks display. The people around us saw the ring and I told them that I said yes. They were happy for us (little did they know that we had already gotten engaged the month before). It was a special night.

July 4th Fireworks display at the Mall:

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