Author: Lala
•Saturday, June 05, 2010
We both wanted and agreed on a simple wedding celebration with close family members. My Mom flew from the Philippines a week earlier to attend Carl's Family Reunion in Virginia. The reunion was a good opportunity to meet Carl's relatives. We went to see the DC area and they as well had a bridal shower for me. It was fun!

My mom and I then drove to Illinois with Carl's parents and sister Jenny and her kids (Leah and Sam). We visited the Nauvo Temple and some church history sites on our way to Naperville, IL. Carl flew to Chicago on Thursday and we went straight to the county office to apply for a marriage license. Carl's parents threw an open house on Friday night and invited some old friends and neighbors. I was so happy that my best friends came that night: Christine, who flew from Maryland, Chast from Texas, and Mayet with her husband Tom who drove from Indiana.

I woke up early the next day looking forward for a very special occasion. Chast and Christine were my hair and make up artists that day and they made me happy. Having my Mom and best friends with me that morning was very special for me. How I wished my whole family could be there but immigration issues made it not possible. Then it was time to go down and meet my groom. I was delighted to see a handsome man with flowers on his hand waiting for me downstairs.

We got married in the Chicago Illinois Temple and were sealed for time and all eternity by our loving Dad Sorenson. The sealing room was filled with family and friends. I felt blessed to have found a beautiful family with their love and support for us both. The emotions and feelings were hard to put into words. It was heavenly.

After taking some pictures, we joined everybody at the luncheon. We then got kidnapped by a man in white limousine hired by Carl's older brother Frank...

Wedding pictures:

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