Author: Lala
•Thursday, July 01, 2010
(This post was started by Lala on Wednesday, and completed now.  I'll post an update after this one - Carl.)

I woke up Monday morning at two with a contraction and immediately went and emptied my bladder, drank water and lied down on my side. After 10 minutes, I had another contraction and decided to start recording them which followed by two more contractions that were 10 minutes apart. It was then followed by 5 more contractions that were 5 minutes apart. We decided to call the doctor and I was told to drink more water which I had already been doing, continue lying on my back and see what happens for another 30 minutes or so. We continued with the log and had more frequent contractions that were 5 to 3 minutes apart and so we decided to drive to the hospital. After filling out some papers, we were directed to Labor and Delivery Triage, where they hooked up sensors to watch the contractions and the babies' heartbeats. The babies were good but I was having contractions that were 2 minutes apart. A doctor came to check my cervix and the good news was that it was still closed. I was then given a shot called terbutaline to stop contractions and relax uterine muscles. That worked for almost 16 hours, and then I had another shot when the contractions started again. They as well continued monitoring my blood pressure which was initially high and periodically did urine screening for possible presence of protein.

The doctor told me that I had some protein in my urine. When protein is found in the urine, it can indicate that there is some sort of a problem going on with the kidneys. Along with other symptoms, high blood pressure and the presence of protein in the urine indicate pre-eclampsia.  They admitted me for at least 24 hours of observation.
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On July 1, 2010 at 8:01 PM , Ellen Sorenson said...

You and your precious babies are in our prayers every minute of the day. Thank you for being a great mom, right from the start! We love you all. Mom and Dad S.

On July 1, 2010 at 10:27 PM , Rebecca Reid said...

We're praying for you four (!). Hang in there.