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•Monday, January 17, 2011
It’s been an eventful while.  In December we had to adjust to taking care of things on our own, since Lala’s mom went back to the Philippines.  Then three weeks later, we flew to Illinois to visit my family for Christmas.  We had a nice long eight-day trip.  The babies did great, essentially sleeping through the flights.  While we were there we had to opt out of any activities that were taking place during the time when we fed the babies and put them down for the night (which on a bad day could be two hours).  Once we get the babies down, though, they sleep through the night (normally 7 to 7), so we have the rest of the night free.  It isn’t too hard to just set that time aside and take care of them since we know they will be ok once they are ready to sleep.
One day Rianne was fussy and didn’t keep things down well.  I ended up changing everything I wore (including socks) when she threw up all over me, while my family ate dinner.  Not the best day for her, but she felt better the following day.  We had lots of people to watch the babies, so we were able to go out and have a bit of a vacation.  We took my sister and her husband to lunch and went shopping.  It was a nice visit, and we’ve been kind of spoiled.
After the Christmas vacation, I had another day off work for New Year’s, so we were not really getting back in a routine yet.  That week it became clear that my Grandmother was going to die soon, which she did on the first of the year.  That necessitated another trip and more time off from work.  It was a very nice visit that we were glad to do.  I am very happy that I could have my family with me for that, rather than going by myself or missing it.  I made a point of trying out the DART light rail, while Lala met up with some friends from Houston.  Like I said, we are a bit spoiled.
So now we’re back into normal life.  The girls just had a checkup last week.  They are growing and developing (about 12 pounds – past the 5 kg mark, and about 5 times birth weight).  They can sort-of hold and manipulate objects with two hands, but not very well.  Mikelle is no longer complaining about tummy time, and they can both hold their heads up high, supporting themselves on their arms.  They can sit for a little while in special chairs that support them.  They pay a lot more attention to what is happening, especially each other.  They watch when the other one is crying and pay attention when we show them things.
We are happy about 11:00 church.  We are so much more on time now, because we can take lots of time in the morning before we leave.  We get there about 10:30 and do a feeding right before the meeting, and they end up sleeping through most of the last two hours.  We were even able to stay for a munch-and-mingle yesterday.
Here are the requisite photos and videos.
This is Rianne when she was just learning to use her hands.

Mikelle (left) and Rianne (right) in their Bumbo chairs practicing neck and hand control.

This is Mikelle gagging herself with her fingers.
They both like sucking on their hands thus making themselves gag.

It's tummy time! Mikelle (left) has gotten so much better with holding her head up. Rianne (right) will normally roll over to her back unintentionally - it's really cute when it makes her laugh.

This is one of my favorite!! Mikelle playing with her mouth.

Rianne's tummy time.

Mikelle struggling to hold her head up.

So cute!!!




Mikelle and Rianne with their new cousin, Noah.
This was taken at Grandma Helen's funeral in Dallas.

I thought this was cute!

On our way to Dallas...they were amazingly good during this flight.

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On January 18, 2011 at 7:27 AM , Rebecca said...

Thank you for the pictures! Fun to see. IT was even more fun to be able to visit with you the last few weeks. I do hope life settles down and gets back into a routine, though!

Anyway, lovely, lovely girls!

On January 21, 2011 at 10:38 AM , Melinda said...

These girls are so amazing and so cute! I love the updates, even though I get to see them every week :).