Author: Lala
•Friday, February 25, 2011
Since the last post, we’ve had to deal with a cold and cough that we passed around.  It is stressful dealing with two sick babies and two sick adults while trying to do as much telecommuting as possible to save vacation time!  The pediatrician said it might be three weeks before the babies would be better, and that’s about what it took.  Lala and I were only sick for a week, like normal.  The worst part was listening to the babies cough and struggle with congestion instead of sleeping well.  We would hold them or put them in their reclining chairs, and give them plenty of naps during the day.  The babies weren’t very happy, but as we told them, “Guess what, kids, this is life.  You get sick and uncomfortable.  Welcome to the world.”  

They are doing better now, and are back to sleeping pretty well.  Mikelle does have a habit of waking up suddenly at about 5 AM crying frantically.  We’ve found that we can pick her up, rock her for a few seconds, and she goes right back down.  Strange.

We have come to the conclusion that the last part of the babies' day, when they are tired and cranky, is stressful enough that I’m taking the 5 PM bus home from work so I can be sure to be here.  I often send Lala out to go to her Zumba class or just take a break.  The deal is that I don’t worry about any baby stuff in the morning, so I can get out to work or get going on my computer early, and in the evening I’ll be here and take care of stuff.  I actually kind of like getting an early start – this morning I started working from home at 6 AM, and some days I’ve gotten to work by about 7.  Today it was a great feeling realizing that it was 11 AM and I’d already gotten five hours in, and it meant that I could take a super long lunch break to take care of the babies while Lala went to a yoga class.

Last Saturday we all went out, since the alternative was to have everyone stay inside and be cranky.  (Lala often takes them out for a walk in the late afternoon if the weather is good enough.)  We went to the mall and successfully went to a sit-down restaurant.  We felt pretty good about being able to do that, and the food was pretty good, too. 

On an unrelated note, I’ve been having a lot of fun reading the Wheel of Time series.  It’s 14 books of 800-900 pages each, so it’s taking quite a few months.  In my single days I’d be finishing a book every few days, probably, but now they’re taking several weeks apiece (I’m on book five).  I’ve also been finding new music with Pandora, stuff I’d probably never hear on terrestrial radio.  My most recent purchase from iTunes included groups from Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Finland, Italy, and the U.S.  Lala says she’ll find some good Philippine music, so we’ll see how that goes.

Poor Rianne - she got really sick.
This is not a cute picture but I am posting anyway - I am sure I will miss seeing her messy face when she is a teenager.
At the mall right after we fed the babies.

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