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•Sunday, March 20, 2011
It is always appealing to go out for a walk and enjoy some sunshine on gorgeous days like the ones we had these past weeks. I managed to take our babies out for a walk around the neighborhood on some afternoons while Carl was at work. At first, I was intimidated to try it, but two bored and crying babies was quite a good motivator to just do it. Our neighbor, who just got home from work, saw me taking the stroller down the stairs and offered to help. He ended up taking both of my babies down the stairs in their car seats. All I had to do was put them on their stroller and push. It was a wonderful walk. I think I enjoyed the walk more than the babies did - they ended up sleeping on our way home. Hoping that somebody would see me and offer help, I decided to do some walking again the following day - oh well, I was not as lucky. I decided to go out anyway and it was a bit challenging. So my routine was: two car seats and a stroller by our door upstairs, take the stroller down, then take one baby down and put her on the stroller, and go up and take the other baby down to the stroller. I noticed that I got a little stronger each day the more I do some carrying of the car seats and pushing the stroller - I was getting a good exercise from it as well.

On our way to the library.

With Carl around to carry the babies, going out is a lot more fun and easy. It was okay to carry the babies in their car seats at a time in the past but it has become more challenging for Carl since they are growing and getting heavier each day. We are happy that we were able to go to a seminar for carrying two babies hosted by an officer from NVPOM (Northen Virginia Parents of Multiples). We learned an easy way to carry two babies using a sling and our outings are a lot more fun now.

This was on our way to our babies' appointment with their pulmonologist for their heart monitors when they were just a month old.

Baby carriers are great for carrying babies too but they are bit challenging to put on. This way each of us get to carry one baby and Carl takes care of the baby bag.

With some extra waiting time for the bus, we went to a nearby park after our pediatrician appointment. The weather was beautiful that day, and of course we took some pictures!

This was at the seminar about carrying two babies.

I am sad I was not able to take some more good pictures from the seminar because we were feeding the babies when they demonstrated the other ways to carry and so I turned to google for some pictures from random people:

And now here is my beloved. This was taken at Costco parking lot when we first tried the technique. He sure did get a lot and I mean a LOT of attention from people, mostly from women who loved what they saw. Carl suggested that Costco should pay us for being an attraction in their store.

With his two hands still free, Carl liked carrying our twins this way. He said that he didn't feel their weight and he could carry them for hours okay. Since our babies love to be carried around, they seemed to enjoy this position because not only they are close to him, they could as well look around and fall asleep when they get tired. And being able to take buses and trains with ease is definitely a big plus.

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On March 21, 2011 at 8:37 AM , Melinda said...

Prettiest fashion accessories ever! I love Carl's double baby look.

On March 22, 2011 at 7:57 AM , Rebecca said...

that is so awesome! I had wondered how you carried them all the time. I'm glad there is now a way for you to get out some. I can only imagine the reaction from others in Costco.