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•Friday, May 13, 2011
Aahh! Finally! I am back to writing on my blog after soooo long! Forgive me for taking this long - I have babies you know (since having babies seemed always a good excuse for slacking). Carl offered to take care and feed the babies while I work on this. He has been really good at making sure that he gets home from work just in time for babies' last feedings and bath so I can have a hand and/or rest while he takes over. I am blessed  to be able to go out two or three times a week to do some yoga or zumba, have a walk, read or just to unwind (see! I have some free time - I really need these "alone" time though to be sane)-thanks to my dear husband. Lucky me!

Carl hanging out with the babies at our balcony while I work on this entry.

It has been almost two months since I last updated this blog and a lot of things happened and changed especially with our growing babies - they grow so fast! An update has definitely been way long overdue. So, what has happened the past seven weeks?
  • The babies learned to sit up unsupported without falling over (very much).  We could see them get better each day.
  • Then, they started getting up on their knees and rocking.  Surprise, surprise, crawling came soon after!  This past week they went from unable to crawl to able to get around the room slowly, if they remember they can. (another post coming)
  • They each have two teeth now!
  • They have been babbling a lot: ma-ma-ma, ba-ba-ba.
  • The girls had their 9-month well visit with the pediatrician last April. They got three shots and a blood sample for anemia test. The results came back with both girls having mild anemia which is supposed to resolve by itself overtime. They will be tested again sometime on their first birthday.
  • I had my second pelvic ultrasound to check for the two cysts they found on my left ovary. The result came out negative. The doctor said that it did not grow from the last time's measurement and she concluded that that could be a scarring from my surgery during delivery. 
  • I had met with an allergist twice now to find relief from my allergies - which is giving me a hard time especially at night when it worsens. They pricked me 52 times and gave me five shots for testing my sensitivity to the pollen of trees, grasses and weeds, certain fungal spores, and house dust and dust mites. The diagnosis is allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis. I was most allergic to pollen from poplar and walnut trees and sweet vernon grass. I have been taking some antihistamine which helped but it is still not totally gone. I can't wait for the summer!
  •  The girls have been sick a number of times of low fever, cough and cold, and diarrhea. Plus the discomforts from teething. Sleeping is always a challenge for all of us when they are sick.
  • Carl and I saw the circus one night for free since Carl works for Feld Entertainment (the parent company) when Christine and David came over to babysat. It was FUN!

Seven motorcycles fit in this ball. This was one of my favorite!
    • Parks, parks and parks:
    The beautiful weather lately was perfect for park visits.
    At the nearby park while waiting for some friends. Carl came along and worked at the adjacent library.

    Since I needed a lot of practice with my biking skills, we took a trip to DC, and rent a bike from a stand right across from the Federal Triangle Station, and I biked around the Mall. It was such a wonderful day! I really enjoyed biking that day!

    Carl hanging out with the babies while I practiced my biking skills around the Mall. And of course, I could not resist taking pictures of our adorable babies that day.
    And as always, both were out at the end of the day. What a wonderful day it was!

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    On May 14, 2011 at 8:02 PM , Anonymous said...

    Great post, great pics. They sure are cute little munchkins. Once they remember they can crawl, you'll have to babyproof the apartment or put up all the walls of your baby fence. Thanks for posting information and pictures.
    Dad Sorenson