Author: Lala
•Saturday, July 23, 2011
Since weekends equates to "going out" for me, finding things to do early Saturday has become part of my routine. Groupon had this 40% off deal on one-hour boat ride at the Occoquan river one day and since we haven't done any boat adventures, we thought that would be fun. The boat was already sailing away as we walked to it and we were so glad that the operator/owner decided to come back and get us on to the last trip for the day. The boat capacity was 30 and there were only less than 20 people that day and so we enjoyed the space as much as the scenery and Carl mostly enjoyed the history and facts associated with the place and the trip. Our girls were not very interested with what was outside the boat compared to what was happening inside with kids running around and dogs sitting beside their owners - especially a gold bracelet of an Indian woman sitting beside us that Rianne got the chance to chew on- how exciting, right?

 We talked to some people fishing that day and just hang out by the river after the boat tour. It was a beatiful afternoon!

 Our girls had so much fun climbing mount Dad!
 Our girls were out when we got home.
Tickling our babies was so fun, at least for the parents!!
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On July 25, 2011 at 8:31 PM , Ellen sorenson said...

I'm so glad you can have great adventures together! Enjoy the beautiful season --of the year and of life! Mom