Author: Lala
•Monday, September 19, 2011
Our girls were pretty amazed and entertained when they saw fish for the first time at our family doctor's office a month ago. They both stared at the fish for a while and tried to grab them a number of times. Their excitement was definitely heard by the whole office. So the following Saturday, we decided to visit the National Aquarium at DC. When we got there, there were little kids looking at the aquarium. The girls were more interetsed watching those kids than looking at fish and alligators in front of them. They eventually got interested for a while with the fish but then got tired and mostly enjoyed walking around the dim room while pushing the stroller and making some cute sounds. A number of people enjoyed watching our girls like they were on exhibit.

 Rianne letting us know that she is tired of fish and is ready for something else. Oh, I wish could be as flexible as she is - that would help me in my yoga class!
 Mikelle got tired of pushing the strollers.
 Before heading home, we decided to get some food and hang out outside the Federal Triangle train station for some fresh air and music. The weather was perfect plus with music in the background - ah, it was awesome!
I love these girls!
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