Author: Lala
•Tuesday, November 01, 2011
Last night we took our girls to their first ever trick or treating. They dressed up as "Thing 1" and "Thing 2". Carl took them to the leasing office as soon as he got home from work and they got back with a piece of candy each and a $5.00 gift card for being one of the three best costumes - well, there were only three of them who showed up, so all were winners!

After giving them their evening milk, we decided to go around the neighborhood for their and their mom's first ever trick or treating! Yes, it was my first as well! We went to the townhouses adjacent to our apartment complex and started knocking on doors. There were a good number of trick or treaters and it was great being part of the fun. Our girls did not really know what was going on and were both shy picking from a bowl of candies in front of them, so their dad did it for them and he got to choose his favorite. Rianne was very excited to see a dog in one of the houses. Mikelle very much enjoyed carrying their candy bag. I showed her how to hold the handles but she preferred carrying it in the crook of her arm - so cute! After going through less than ten houses, Rianne was ready to head back home but Mikelle still had some energy and so we let her walk around for a while while Rianne enjoyed the comfort of the stroller. I am glad we went trick or treating - it was so much fun doing it with our two little "Thingies".

 Dad instructing the girls to be at their cutest for more candies
Mikelle in her costume
Posing with the pumpkins
The trick or treaters
Mikelle and her bag of candies
Dad showing Rianne some Christmas lights
 Rianne is done for the night and ready to go home
 Mikelle is ready for some more walking.

Many of you may not know that I am scared of worms. I actually hate worms, they give me goosebumps - and so what could be more scary than a worm cupcake for Halloween? I made these for our neighbors. Let's just hope I didn't scare them away.
 My worm cupcakes
 Creepy, right?
 I can now proudly tell the world that I ate a worm (gummy worm on a chocolate cupcake), or maybe not.