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•Sunday, September 02, 2012
This past week has been very busy for us preparing for the move to St. Petersburg, Florida. I'm pretty much done with most of the packing. Those that are left are either for donation or will be taken in the car. We are so thankful for good friends who are so willing to help in any way and take care of the kids while we focus on packing and organizing. Carl has been equally busy too with work and hauling stuff. It was amazing how much stuff we had for donation and trash. We feel really good about being able to go through boxes and sort out the things to keep or put away. It is a good feeling to know that the things we have are those that we really need and want. This coming week is definitely going to be really busy. We will do the final packing on Monday, the mover comes on Tuesday, and we leave on Wednesday. 

Aside from packing, part of our to do list was to visit places and people before we go. This week we were able to see my best friend, Christine, and enjoy a pool party with cousins and Aunt Nancy's family. We as well went to the mall to say our goodbye's to the capitol and monument. Here are some of our pictures:

 On last train ride going to the mall
Our girls thought that a half hour travel was all worth it to see those rocks at the mall.
 They had so much fun with pretend eating and feeding the dog.

 Bye bye cup-itol
Carl saying goodbye to Capital Bikeshare of which he was a member.
  Heading home. 

We got a little emotional as we start heading back to the train station. We had so many fun memories here. This is where Carl gave me our engagement ring. We visited this place during the Benac Reunion where I met Carl's family, we came here with my mom, and have gone here a number of times with our girls since they were really young. We will definitely miss this place.

Enjoying the pool party
Swimming with cousins
Thank you Nancy for the dinner! We will miss you all!!
I can't express how sad I am to be moving away from my best friend. It was such a blessing living close to her. Her friendship means a lot to me and I will definitely miss her.
My girls will surely hear a lot about you my dearest friend. Thank you for everything and I love you!
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•Wednesday, August 29, 2012
Rianne and Mikelle both love to help with things that I do. Cooking, washing and folding laundry, cleaning up (ok, not much with this one), baking and even packing. You know how it works, it takes longer to finish the task when they are trying to help, but who cares as long as I get the job done and they are happy, I'd say, bring the little helpers down!

 Putting paper cups into the pan was the easy part.
 It was so much easier to put the sprinkles into our mouths than on top of the banana muffins.
Sprinkles all over the table is a lot of fun too!
Our girls did their own packing of groceries while I packed some kitchen stuff.
 Groceries were moved from the closet, to the floor, to the small box, to the big box. Packing is fun!
Thank you for your help!
 Putting laundry into the wash is one of their favorite things to do. They exactly know what to do when they see me by the wash, to look for their step stool so they can be high enough to reach the lid.
My happy little helpers. Let us just hope that they would still race and insist on doing laundry when they are teenagers.
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•Wednesday, August 29, 2012
We have been so blessed to live close to one of the coolest park in the country, Clemyjontri Park. Carl got off work early yesterday so we all could play for the last time and say goodbye to it before we do our big move in a week. Mikelle and Rianne had a blast and so did we!

Cool wheels!
Rianne: Ring a round the rosie, pocket full of...hey, look, a rock! I'm done...
Rianne was very excited when a plane came flying by, pointing back and forth between it and this toy one. She did make the connection.
The slide was fun!
They never run out of things to look at and learn about.
Buckle up!
One cute truck driver
We all had a blast with the swing!
Out of the way!!
The girls were tired yet sad to go.
This is how we all felt while saying our goodbyes to Clemyjontri.
Goodbye dear park, you have been a great source of enjoyment. We will miss you.
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•Sunday, August 26, 2012
With a few weeks left till our big move to Florida, the past few weekends had been spent mostly on packing and organizing stuff. Staying inside the house going through boring boxes of stuff is not fun for me and definitely not for our girls. The idea that we take turns watching the girls and going through stuff worked for a few hours till our girls totally melted down such that nothing could make them happy. I suggested that Carl go take a break but he felt bad leaving me with two screaming kids and so he decided to take one out for a walk with him. I was walking out with Rianne to get a little snack when we saw Dad and Mikelle looking at the flowers by the driveway on our way to Whole Foods. Carl suggested that we take the bus together to a park but we ended up going to the Dunn Loring area to see the interesting construction that has been going on there for over a year . I had been meaning to visit the area but didn't get the chance to see it and so I was glad that we were able to go that day. Carl has always been pretty interested with construction and improvements and so he was a little sad leaving the area when all of these improvements are happening and getting done.

 It was pretty cool to see the plan for this area. I think the  idea of living walking distance to restaurants, grocery stories and other cool stuff was neat and exciting.
I liked the architectural design of the buildings and thought it would be awesome to live there.

The day was beautiful and our girls definitely were happy to be at another place and see people's faces aside from us. Mikelle was not very energetic due to a low fever that day but she was definitely glad to be out. Rianne had so much fun walking and playing. We stayed out past their nap time but they were so patient waiting for and taking the train and bus home. I think it was a win for everybody. Our morning turned out to be not so boring after all.
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•Sunday, August 26, 2012
Who doesn't like playing in the water? Our girls definitely love it and they find many ways playing with it. They like to trip their cups upside down or pour water all over them when drinking. Washing hands and brushing teeth are always a good opportunity to get wet and splash. Playing under the rain is fun and walking barefoot on puddles are definitely a hit. They love their bath time in general - though they had their fair share being scared of bath time too. Our girls love the pool as well. They will swim everyday if we let them and if we have the energy to match theirs.

It was fun visiting with the Workman's few weeks ago for a water play. I had so much fun talking to Krystal as well. She is definitely going to be missed. She made my life with twins so much easier and enjoyable. We thank her for sharing the sleep schedule that brought sanity back into our lives when the girls were twelve weeks old and sleeping through the night. They are still great sleepers!

 Rianne was a little intimidated by the unfamiliar pool so she stayed out of the water.
 Mikelle joined the fun with Jakob and Josslyn
 I had fun watching them!

Mikelle and Rianne had fun collecting leaves

We as well had water adventures with another dear friend, the Merrils, at the Fairfax Corner water fountain for children. We met up after after nap time, had pizzas, and let the kids play in the water. 

 Our girls were a little scared of the fountain but they had fun 
playing from a far and watching the kids get wet
 Hallie and Annie enjoying the water

 We had a good time with you guys!
 Our girls loved playing with the chain and walking around before we headed home.

Good friends are such a beautiful blessing. We will surely miss the Workmans and the Merrils when we move to Florida. It was a pleasure meeting you guys!
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•Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Going out for a walk is part of our routine every day. We normally do it a little after breakfast around nine and stay out for about an hour. Our girls love this part of the day. They love collecting rocks, bottle caps, twigs, flowers and any thing that interests them. Here are some of the pictures I have taken these past months.
This is their normal destination so they can see the buses passing by.
 Mikelle's collection
 They still try to put things into their mouths once in a while.
 They love throwing these tiny seeds into the road and watching them roll down into the curb.
 Flowers and dandelions are some of the favorites.

 They ask for head bands and necklaces on days they feel more fashionable.
 Rianne likes organizing her collections.
 Rianne happily showed me the step stool that she found.
 Their feet sometimes take us to the park in our complex. 
They enjoy the swing and climbing up the ladder.
Putting stones into the grid
Water is always a treat. They like to walk barefoot lately. 
(It rained the night before so I was sure that the water was clean even if it didn't look clear in the picture)
Rianne and Mikelle are both interested in bugs. 
Mikelle found this one while on our way upstairs and asked me to put it in her hand.
Close up
I don't have a good picture of this one. Rianne found this while we were walking out by Whole Foods and grabbed it. She got scared and called for me when the legs that she managed to pull out from the poor creature were moving on her foot. I was pretty creeped out when I saw it and scared that she might have been bitten by it - she wasn't.
It doesn't always happen, but it definitely makes everybody happy when they remain friends even after the end of our walks.