Author: Lala
•Saturday, January 21, 2012
Communication with babies and toddlers are challenging and could be frustrating for both the baby and the parents. We decided to use some signs for a few things with our girls. Mikelle learned the signs a couple of weeks earlier than Rianne and it was a good help for all of us. I just have to keep using them so our girls remember to use them. I think they started using signs when they were 10 months old. Some of the words that they use sign for are milk, kain (eat), more, change  diaper, thank you, and bath time. I think I should learn some more signs so I can teach them but for now, I am happy that they at least know what they know and use them to communicate - which makes life a bit easier for me.

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On January 21, 2012 at 1:23 PM , Rebecca Reid said...

So cute! I used signs with Paul a lot when he was 12-18 months old, mostly for foods: cracker, milk, bread, apple, banana, etc., plus more, eat, please, thank you. It really helped becasue he got so frustrated that I didn't understand his words! Have you seen Signing Time? They have it at the library around here and we have a couple of the videos. Paul, at that age, would stare at the screen and start using the signs almost immediately after watching the video once. Again, it helped him not be so frustrated to know how to talk with his hands!