Author: Lala
•Tuesday, January 10, 2012
What Rianne wants, Rianne gets, at least between the two of them at the moment. These girls keep switching roles. Mikelle used to be the one that takes away toys from Rianne. Once they were playing and whatever toy Rianne has in her hand, Mikelle would take away from her and throw it somewhere so she could take again the next toy Rianne was playing with. Rianne got frustrated at first but finally gave up and just moved on to the next toy when Mikelle took what she had and moved on to the next again, and again. We interfere sometimes but we as well let them deal with it once in a while. There are days that Rianne fought back by hitting and biting. Oh, Mikelle used to be the biter too but now Rianne takes the role. Who knows who will be what the next day, or hour, maybe next minute?
 Caught in the act: Rianne was taking the cellphone toy from Mikelle.

 We have decided that Rianne is not getting a cellphone anytime soon.

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On January 21, 2012 at 12:00 PM , Anonymous said...

Somewhere in the world is another baby having a "ja ja ja ja" conversation with Riane over her own cell phone. They will meet in college and remember this coversation.
Very cute. And yes, any phone she got would have to be made out of VERY tough materials.
Where do you suppose she got the idea of jabbering on a phone?? --Grandpa Sorenson

On January 21, 2012 at 12:38 PM , The Sorensons said...

Hi Dad, she sometimes sees me talking over the phone. She does that a lot and the funny thing is that they can use anything for a cellphone - spoon, a rock, paper, shoes, name it - they can make it work. so funny!