Author: Lala
•Saturday, January 21, 2012
I remember how anxious I was to start feeding our girls solid food - then it got really messy! Food is always all over the floor, all over  them and sometimes all over me, or wall, chairs, waitress - the list could be endless. Have you had the feeling that fairness means giving a tip at a restaurant twice as much as your bill? - I did but of course I didn't give in (I needed the money for diapers). I remember being very excited preparing their first finger food at around 8 months cutting it really small so they don't choke - so small an ant could carry a piece on its back away from my girls' slow fingers. I remember steaming fruits and vegetables to make them really soft, but some days just relied on my good friend the can opener to get them soft food. Those times were not fun then, but I cherish them. It's fun remembering the past, and so exciting to see how far they have gone - from having a feeding tube threaded in through their nostrils, to using a spoon and actually getting the food into their mouths and not on their heads.

orange babies (Rianne on right)
 Rianne balancing a spoon on her head

On another exciting note, my girls got to eat with my dear friend Krystal's twins, Joslyn and Jakob, on their play date. They had fun and I hope we could do this more!

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On January 21, 2012 at 5:07 PM , Rebecca said...

are the girls sitting IN the table?! Crazy but genius!

I too was very excited to start my son on solids....and quickly came to regret the mess that came with it!!