Author: Lala
•Saturday, March 24, 2012
We've had beautiful weather these past weeks. I love it to finally be able to go out on shirt and shorts once again. I am so ready to say goodbye to winter. I have been looking forward to going to parks with my girls and I am so glad we finally did.

It is spring!
We love going to Clemyjontri park, the coolest park in the world!
 They like to hold hands lately
 Rianne loves to put flowers behind her ear
Author: Lala
•Saturday, March 24, 2012
One of the sweetest thing in the world to me is too see my girls love, help, hug, play, and enjoy each other. I love their special relationship and hope that they will be each others' best sister and best friend.

From when they were a lot younger:

Author: Lala
•Sunday, March 18, 2012
It was a gorgeous day! Perfect for bike riding at the National Mall. We decided to go and rent some bikes and a trailer last Saturday and enjoy our Saint Patrick's Day on wheels. The girls were a lot bigger than the first biking we did almost a year ago. I remember them crying the last time and thought they would not this time. Well, they did but not for long. They were happy as soon as we took them out from their trailer and let them run around.

 Mikelle (blue) and Rianne getting ready for the ride
 Ooops, they were not ready. They cried while we were buckling them onto their trailer, partly maybe because it was hard to see with their helmets on.
We had to stop after two blocks to let them run around
And off she goes (Mikelle)!
Rianne liked sitting in the dirt
 a little snack/lunch
After some break we decided to try again and biked around. The girls enjoyed it - no more crying!
They were amazed by their first kite show.
There was a big crowd for the cherry blossoms and we didn't get to see them up close but we enjoyed saying hi to these lovely flowers
 We went to see some animals at the museums and before we knew it, it was way past nap time. Because of too much going on around us, it was hard for the girls to go down. Carl decided to take them out for a ride to help them fall asleep. One minute, two minutes, they were down! It was a success.
 We took their tents with us for their nap time. The girls snoozed for about an hour while Carl and I took turns biking around and getting to read my book.
The nap wasn't long enough but it sure did help to keep them sane. We watched some birds up close and Rianne got scared when the little bird passed by close to her.
Time to go! It was a wonderful day! It was even better for me since I got to go to a restaurant and finish my book while Carl took the kids home and put them to bed. I feel so lucky and blessed.
Author: Lala
•Sunday, March 18, 2012
Rianne recently developed a number of anxieties about a lot of things. The list includes crying at drop off time at the nursery, people's gazes, bugs, bath time nap/bed time and others. I've read that it is developmental and will be over at some point. But for now, we try to help and support her by giving more cuddling time, staying close to her most of the time and finding ways to make things more fun!

Bath time and nap/bed time is a little bit challenging. Because of a number of potty accidents at the tub during bath time, Rianne now refuses to go into the tub with Mikelle. Just today, Mikelle was scared of bath time as well - maybe we'll just have stinky kids (kidding). Nap time has become a challenge as well. Rianne always cries when we put her down no matter how tired she is. We normally go in to check on her many times before she finally goes down. One time I checked on her a few minutes after she finally went down and found her sitting in her sleep. Poor kid.

My baby deserves lots and lots of hugs. On another topic, I really like this book ("Siblings Without Rivalry"). I recommend it to parents out there.