Author: Lala
•Sunday, June 17, 2012
I remember how fun rain could be when I was a little girl. All kids in our neighborhood in the province where I was born would start running out when the rain started pouring. With so many little streams all over, playing boat was a hit, and running around barefoot in the mud was such a fun memory. Those times always comes back to my mind when I see rain. A few weeks ago I was able to take the kids out and we played in the rain. It was their first time and they definitely had fun. We all went out barefoot and got ourselves soaking wet. It was so fun hearing them screaming and laughing with excitement. They loved the mini waves on the parking lot and they very much enjoyed watching the leaves washed away in the current as they threw them into the streams of water. They did not want to leave even after the rain was gone, so I had to carry them back home.

Last week, we once again had a good amount of rain and our girls wanted to go out. It was already late in the afternoon plus it was not very warm so I thought that getting wet would not be the most fun thing to do. I thought that a poncho would be a really nice thing to have. Since we did not have any, I made them some from big plastic bags we have in the kitchen. By the time that we were able to go out, the rain was almost gone but we thought we did not want to miss the fun of walking around all fashionable with their ponchos. We were glad that dad was able to join us.

 Rianne wearing her poncho
Mikelle looking all cute
Back view
Mom and Mikelle