Author: Lala
•Wednesday, August 29, 2012
We have been so blessed to live close to one of the coolest park in the country, Clemyjontri Park. Carl got off work early yesterday so we all could play for the last time and say goodbye to it before we do our big move in a week. Mikelle and Rianne had a blast and so did we!

Cool wheels!
Rianne: Ring a round the rosie, pocket full of...hey, look, a rock! I'm done...
Rianne was very excited when a plane came flying by, pointing back and forth between it and this toy one. She did make the connection.
The slide was fun!
They never run out of things to look at and learn about.
Buckle up!
One cute truck driver
We all had a blast with the swing!
Out of the way!!
The girls were tired yet sad to go.
This is how we all felt while saying our goodbyes to Clemyjontri.
Goodbye dear park, you have been a great source of enjoyment. We will miss you.
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On May 18, 2013 at 3:42 PM , Andres Paz said...

Dear Sorensos Family, was nice to see all your pictures and thanks to that i have some new ideas for a playground that im going to make in my country.

nice Family! :)