Author: Lala
•Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Going out for a walk is part of our routine every day. We normally do it a little after breakfast around nine and stay out for about an hour. Our girls love this part of the day. They love collecting rocks, bottle caps, twigs, flowers and any thing that interests them. Here are some of the pictures I have taken these past months.
This is their normal destination so they can see the buses passing by.
 Mikelle's collection
 They still try to put things into their mouths once in a while.
 They love throwing these tiny seeds into the road and watching them roll down into the curb.
 Flowers and dandelions are some of the favorites.

 They ask for head bands and necklaces on days they feel more fashionable.
 Rianne likes organizing her collections.
 Rianne happily showed me the step stool that she found.
 Their feet sometimes take us to the park in our complex. 
They enjoy the swing and climbing up the ladder.
Putting stones into the grid
Water is always a treat. They like to walk barefoot lately. 
(It rained the night before so I was sure that the water was clean even if it didn't look clear in the picture)
Rianne and Mikelle are both interested in bugs. 
Mikelle found this one while on our way upstairs and asked me to put it in her hand.
Close up
I don't have a good picture of this one. Rianne found this while we were walking out by Whole Foods and grabbed it. She got scared and called for me when the legs that she managed to pull out from the poor creature were moving on her foot. I was pretty creeped out when I saw it and scared that she might have been bitten by it - she wasn't.
It doesn't always happen, but it definitely makes everybody happy when they remain friends even after the end of our walks.
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