Author: Lala
•Sunday, August 26, 2012
With a few weeks left till our big move to Florida, the past few weekends had been spent mostly on packing and organizing stuff. Staying inside the house going through boring boxes of stuff is not fun for me and definitely not for our girls. The idea that we take turns watching the girls and going through stuff worked for a few hours till our girls totally melted down such that nothing could make them happy. I suggested that Carl go take a break but he felt bad leaving me with two screaming kids and so he decided to take one out for a walk with him. I was walking out with Rianne to get a little snack when we saw Dad and Mikelle looking at the flowers by the driveway on our way to Whole Foods. Carl suggested that we take the bus together to a park but we ended up going to the Dunn Loring area to see the interesting construction that has been going on there for over a year . I had been meaning to visit the area but didn't get the chance to see it and so I was glad that we were able to go that day. Carl has always been pretty interested with construction and improvements and so he was a little sad leaving the area when all of these improvements are happening and getting done.

 It was pretty cool to see the plan for this area. I think the  idea of living walking distance to restaurants, grocery stories and other cool stuff was neat and exciting.
I liked the architectural design of the buildings and thought it would be awesome to live there.

The day was beautiful and our girls definitely were happy to be at another place and see people's faces aside from us. Mikelle was not very energetic due to a low fever that day but she was definitely glad to be out. Rianne had so much fun walking and playing. We stayed out past their nap time but they were so patient waiting for and taking the train and bus home. I think it was a win for everybody. Our morning turned out to be not so boring after all.
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