Author: Lala
•Sunday, August 26, 2012
Who doesn't like playing in the water? Our girls definitely love it and they find many ways playing with it. They like to trip their cups upside down or pour water all over them when drinking. Washing hands and brushing teeth are always a good opportunity to get wet and splash. Playing under the rain is fun and walking barefoot on puddles are definitely a hit. They love their bath time in general - though they had their fair share being scared of bath time too. Our girls love the pool as well. They will swim everyday if we let them and if we have the energy to match theirs.

It was fun visiting with the Workman's few weeks ago for a water play. I had so much fun talking to Krystal as well. She is definitely going to be missed. She made my life with twins so much easier and enjoyable. We thank her for sharing the sleep schedule that brought sanity back into our lives when the girls were twelve weeks old and sleeping through the night. They are still great sleepers!

 Rianne was a little intimidated by the unfamiliar pool so she stayed out of the water.
 Mikelle joined the fun with Jakob and Josslyn
 I had fun watching them!

Mikelle and Rianne had fun collecting leaves

We as well had water adventures with another dear friend, the Merrils, at the Fairfax Corner water fountain for children. We met up after after nap time, had pizzas, and let the kids play in the water. 

 Our girls were a little scared of the fountain but they had fun 
playing from a far and watching the kids get wet
 Hallie and Annie enjoying the water

 We had a good time with you guys!
 Our girls loved playing with the chain and walking around before we headed home.

Good friends are such a beautiful blessing. We will surely miss the Workmans and the Merrils when we move to Florida. It was a pleasure meeting you guys!
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