Author: Lala
•Sunday, May 12, 2013
We were blessed to have my parents come over here with us in Florida in time for my pregnancy and our third baby's birth in May. We welcomed them on March 7 after a very long flight from the Philippines. It is great that my dad finally was able to get a visa that he could come with my mom this time.

Lolo at Chicago International Airport
 Welcome to the USA, Lola!

Carl picked them up at Tampa International Airport at around 11pm and they were able to meet our girls the following day. It took a little bit of time for Rianne and Mikelle to get comfortable with them but they sure did loved the dresses that my parents brought them.

My dad first met the girls when we visited the Philippines on November 2011.
After more than a year,  Lolo and Lola get to spend time with Rianne (left) and Mikelle again. They said that they had grown so much. And we are so happy to have them with us here.
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