Author: Lala
•Sunday, June 02, 2013
Two weeks ago today at 9:54 in the morning, I gave birth via c-section to a beautiful 8 lbs baby girl we named Talia Abril Sorenson. She was 20 inches long and has a thick black hair. She cried really loud the moment she was pulled out into the world and it was such a sweet feeling hearing her cry, seeing her, and finally having her close to me.  



It was such a very different experience than when I delivered my twin girls in many ways. For one, amazingly enough, I made it to my scheduled c-section at 39 weeks! We went to bed Saturday night knowing that we will be able to finally see our baby girl the following morning. I was a little scared of the operation but excited to see our girl's face. Sunday morning, we showered and headed to the hospital where I waited for my OB to take me to the operating room. It was definitely scary to be fully awake and aware of what was going on but hearing and seeing my baby's face and having her close to me was all worth everything I have gone through. I was as surprised as everyone to learn that she was an 8lbs baby. I was teary eyed when I finally saw her and I thank the Lord for keeping us both safe and healthy. I was blessed to have such wonderful and loving family who stayed by me. I am grateful for my loving husband who were very supportive and never left my side, for my parents who flew from the Philippines to be helping hands which made taking care of two busy toddlers so much easier, and for mom Ellen and dad Frank for keeping us in their prayers and hearts everyday. We were very grateful for every prayer said by our beloved families and friends. To all of you, we can't thank you enough for your prayers and love.

Lola, Mikelle and Rianne visited me at the hospital Sunday evening and they met their new sister. Rianne was pretty open about it while Mikelle was a little reserved and distanced. Rianne contemplated the baby and said, "That from you! You don't have a big belly anymore!"

 Girls, this is your sister Talia.
 With Lola Rose

 Our first family picture with Talia

They kept me at the hospital until Wednesday to make sure that the baby was gaining weight before they released us, which made things a little stressful for us. We thought they were overly concerned, given that the baby was learning to eat ok and had been born at such a heavy weight. I was exhausted because the nurses would disturb our sleep to take weight or give medicine or do other things. We are nevertheless grateful for the medical help available to me and my baby. By Tuesday, Carl and I went down to the hospital cafeteria for lunch to cure my cabin fever while baby stayed at the nursery. I terribly missed my girls too and was frustrated when they told me that I needed to stay another day at the hospital. Here are some of the early pictures and video we've taken while at the hospital.

 One day old Talia
I love the hair!

Video taken at the hospital

Like I said, this pregnancy white quite different from the first. Not only did I not have very bad morning sickness, I was as well blessed to not be in terrible pain. In fact, I was up and walking out with my family at the flea market one day before I delivered. It was such a blessing not to deal with the preeclampsia, though I had to watch my diet due to gestational diabetes. In general, this pregnancy was like a vacation compared to when I had my twins. Taking my baby home at the same time as I went home was such a blessing. 

  At the flea market waiting for Lolo and Lola
Hanging out at the flea market the day before I delivered
 Just about to enter the hospital for my c section
Finally home
We love you, Talia! Welcome home!