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•Sunday, November 17, 2013
On October 18th, my girls took part on a simple and beautiful wedding ceremony of my good friend Raquel to her fiance Jeff. Raquel had asked if they could be their ring bearers. I was hesitant because my girls are a little shy around other people and I wasn't sure if they will be willing to do it. I said yes and hoped that with practice and preparation and maybe with little bribe of a treat, they would walk to give the couples their rings during the ceremony.

I had fun making the girls' dresses to match Raquel's wedding color, yellow. They had so much fun wearing it and pretending to be princesses days prior to the wedding. Mikelle would even climb on the couch to sing and dance "like a princess", as she calls it.

It was a beautiful sunset wedding by the beach and I have to say that Mikelle and Rianne did very well as ring bearers. Making them smile for the pictures was a challenge but they were cooperative and patient during picture taking nevertheless. I had to explain to them a number of times what they are supposed to do and what they can expect and they had fun practicing it at home. They did what they were supposed to do during the wedding and was happy when they finally got their treat, a lollipop (I know it's not the best way but it did the trick!).

Mikelle (left) and Rianne waiting for their turn to walk
The vow
The bride and the groom
 (From left) Myrna, Raquel (bride), Rianne, Mom, Mikelle and Melinda
 Talia with Ate Myrna who has an amazing talent of putting her to sleep
With Tita Melinda
 Mikelle is all happy
Upside down Mikelle
 Rianne had fun playing in the sand while waiting for the ceremony to start
 I love her smile
 My pretty Rianne
I'm glad their dresses looked good on them
 I love this girl
 My girls are growing too fast
 Dad accompanied them during picture taking with the bride and groom
With friends

Here is the video of the wedding. Congratulations to Raquel and Jeff!!

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