Author: Lala
•Sunday, November 17, 2013
Carnivals are fun, especially to three-year-olds. We had been to a carnival before when they were really young, and we were right to think that they would definitely enjoy a carnival visit more now that they are a bit older.

 Mikelle and Rianne got really excited when they saw the rides from afar.
 Merry-go-round was the first thing they rode on and it was a hit!
 I am not a fan of carnival rides but took courage to ride the Ferris wheel. I was disappointed though because it only went twice on a very very low speed. Both M and R were a little scared but they definitely were brave enough to sit with me and look down.

 We went early so there were not a lot of people at the carnival. The girls tried this ride and the operator was a bit too nice to have them there for such a long time that Carl had to tell him that the girls were probably done.
 The "Going Bananas" obstacle course / fun house (above) was a hit, though they had to make three attempts at it due to two potty trips. They spent a lot of time playing in the fun house with dad. I wondered for a while what had happened since there were a few groups that had been through the house several times and I still hadn't seen my family come out. 
 This part was a little difficult for little kids so dad had to hold them while they try to walk in it while the tube turns.
 I am personally not a fan of roller coasters but apparently my girls are. Mikelle definitely enjoyed the ride.

 Rianne couldn't wait to have her turn and she was so happy when she finally did.
Talia was happy and content in her stroller.
Mikelle wanted to ride the one like this but of course we didn't let her. I am just glad that I don't have to worry about who will go with her for now, at least.
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