Author: Lala
•Tuesday, May 19, 2015
Talia is two today! It kind of feels like the birthday is overdue, because she has been acting like a two-year-old for a little while now. She's talking and understanding so much, exploring and playing, asserting her will, and even being pretty social. It seems she wears the badge of the "family extrovert."

We have been having fun listening to what she can say. Before two, she's said things like, "Mom, glasses not working." Check out this conversation:

Talia: Uh, oh!
Mom: What's wrong?
Talia: Messed up song ABC, sad.

Lately she thinks is really funny to say "I tricked you!" We think it's something she heard from her sisters and she doesn't really know what it means. We hope that's true because a lot of times lately our conversations go like this:

Talia: Daddy, I love you.
Dad: I love you too, Talia.
Talia: I tricked you!

She likes to do puzzles and is good at matching animals and shapes to where they go on the puzzle board. Sometimes Lala takes the kids to school, with Talia coming along. She will sit right down and look at the bigger-kid books and toys and want to stay. We will give her a few hours of preschool each week next year, and we think she will love it!

Carl has still been taking the twins to preschool on the bus, but this week no one is going because the kids all got chickenpox. This is even after they had vaccinations for it; apparently it has been going around lately. Lala has been doing lots of art with the kids, letting them play outside, and reading lots of books with them. The kids like to play with play dough and stickle bricks. The twins especially looooove looking for bugs. Talia loves books, and she loves to eat the cherry tomatoes from the garden in the front yard. With the kids, we have lots of lessons about resolving conflict, how to deal with problems without yelling or fighting, and about being caring for people.
 Talia's birthday cake
Say cheese!
 She found both the socks and shoes and put them on herself

Princesses before the Frozen Disney on Ice show
 Mikelle and her chicken pox