Author: Lala
•Sunday, April 03, 2016
We have had a number of changes over the past year since we posted last, in particular regarding our jobs.

During 2015, Lala was starting to think about getting back to work, and she began reviewing her engineering materials and topics. She downloaded AutoCAD Civil 3D and started working through a many-hour training online. However, when she found a job posting in St Petersburg late in the year, I encouraged her to apply for it, even though she hadn't done as much training and studying as she felt she needed. Of course, she got the job! We found out right before Christmas. Almost three months in, she's been doing great.

Meanwhile, in November, Amex announced layoffs for most of our office in St Petersburg, including me. It actually turned out to be fantastic news. I am glad I took the position at Amex, since I learned a lot of important things for my career, but I was not satisfied there and never felt comfortable, nor as competent and productive as I had hoped. With the layoff, though, I had plenty of time to look for a new job, train, and study. The severance gave me time to focus my job search on downtown St Pete, where I wanted to stay.

The four-week gap between my jobs was not quite as relaxing as it could have been. I was sick most of the time, various kids got sick for a while, and I had the uncertainty of waiting to be accepted at my new job. But I did spend time studying at Station House St Pete and getting some relaxation in.

I am two weeks into my new job at PowerChord, where I am making a bit of a career shift. After 12 years immersed in Microsoft technology, I will now be using a Mac, developing in Go, and targeting Linux containers running in the cloud. I'm very excited by all of these technologies and learning opportunities, and by the new team. The layoff gave me a much-needed psychological kick, and I was ready for a change.

Between Lala's new job and the severance from Amex, my brief unemployment actually coincides with some significant financial progress. We are finally paying back my parents the money we borrowed when we bought our house, and we are now putting some savings away.

So a lot of things are looking up for the Sorensons! We'll post more about the family and kids in the next post in the next week or so.